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Sign the Petition to Help Save Island Beaches (5/3/2017)

In March, the Corps of Engineers, Mobile District, held an OPEN HOUSE meeting to bring the public up-to-date concerning the status of the Mobile Harbor Widening and Deepening project. (Scroll below to see previous articles and links on this topic). The meeting was an Open House type and was not conducive for good communications between the Corps and those who attended the meeting. A petition has been set up online by concerned property owners to encourage the Corps of Engineers, Mobile District, to change from this format to a more workable format such as a workshop so all can hear the questions asked and hear the same responses, and to hear the concerns of others and those answers. Only in response to public pressure, the Corps of Engineers has agreed to hold "In-Progress" Public Meetings/Workshops at intervals of about every four months on its Study to deepen and widen the Mobile Harbor Ship Channel. The next "In-Progress" meeting is tentatively scheduled for July 25, 2017. Please click the link below to sign the quick and easy petition and show your support for Dauphin Island’s Shoreline.

Sailboat Regatta Postponed Due to Weather (4/28/2017)

The 59th Annual Dauphin Island Race has been postponed due to weather concerns. Winds Saturday afternoon are forecast to gust as high as 25 mph, causing safety concerns for racers. This year's organizer, The Buccaneer Yacht Club has not yet posted a make-up date, but plans to do so soon. To read more at AL.com click here.

Navy Drones Conduct Flight Research at DI Airport (4/3/17)

During May and June of this year our little Island Airport will see some new activity as drone tests will conducted by the Office of Navel Research. The planned UAS flight path will avoid overflight of populated areas on Dauphin Island, and be conducted in a manner that minimizes noise or other disturbance for Dauphin Island residents. One of the features they plan to evaluate are drone-mounted lasers that can measure water depth from the air. Click here to read the full article from the Navy Times.

Mobile Harbor General Reevaluation Report (2/16/2017)

The following information was provided by the Town of Dauphin Island regarding the Mobile Harbor General Reevaluation Report (GRR):

The Town of Dauphin Island is pleased to provide IMPORTANT information about the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Alabama State Port Authority Study to widen and deepen the Mobile Harbor Ship Channel. This Study is expected to be completed within a couple of years. Since the ultimate decision as to how the Ship Channel will be enlarged and maintained in the future will have significant long-term effects on our barrier island community, ALL property owners should stay informed about the Study.
Our goal is to work with the Corps, Port Authority and other agencies to ensure that an improved dredged material disposal practice is incorporated into the project that will require ALL beach quality sand be placed at a location that will truly benefit Dauphin Island while countering our island's significant shoreline erosion problem.
You can take part in the Mobile Harbor Study in the following ways:
- Attend all public forums that will be announced on the Corp's Study website
- Read the Corps "Biweekly Updates on the study's progress that can be obtained via the following link. Biweekly Updates Click Here.
- Sign up and receive the Corps' Study "Quarterly Bulletins", that will be released beginning in February 2017. To receive the "Quarterly Bulletins", please visit the above Study website.
- Send comments to the Corps on issues you consider to be important. The Corps has committed to continually accept public comments throughout the process. All public comments will be added to the official record for the project. Comments should be emailed to: MobileHarborGRR@usace.army.mil

Because of the importance of the Corps Mobile Harbor Study to Dauphin Island, I encourage you to stay abreast of the Study and strongly recommend that you participate whenever possible. The Corps Study provides a significant OPPORTUNITY for the eroding shorelines of our barrier island community to be restored. The Corps will hold at least three public forums during calendar year 2017. The first workshop is scheduled for March 16th at a time and location to be determined. I can not stress enough how important it will be for Dauphin Island's interests to be represented by a large turnout. I hope that each of you will plan to attend the March 16th public workshop and remain engaged throughout this important process. The town will pass along pertinent information about the workshops and the Study as it becomes available from the Corps.

Jeff Collier

Eco Tourism and Mid Island Parks Project Meeting (1/17/17)

An Open House (6pm) and Public Meeting (6:30pm) will be held January 17th at the Shelby Building to receive comments on the proposed Alabama Trustee Implementation Group Draft Restoration Plan I and Environmental Impact Statement. The Plan includes two projects here on Dauphin Island: DI Eco-tourism and Environmental Education Area ($4M) and the Mid-Island Parks and Public Beach Improvements ($1.9M). The meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 17, 2017 at the Shelby Center at DI SeaLab.
For more information click here to view the plan.

Mardi Gras 2017 is Just Around the Corner! (1/28/17)

Dauphin Island will once again kick off the Mobile area Mardi Gras Season with the first parade of the year. The Krewe de la Dauphine is set to roll down Bienville Blvd January 28, 2017 at 1pm. The first annual Town of Dauphin Island Parade - "The Peoples Parade" will roll the following Saturday February 4th at 1pm.

Dauphin Island Boardwalk Realty News Image

Boardwalk Realty Christmas Hours (12/23 & 12/24/16)

Our office will be closed for the Christmas Holidays Friday December 23rd and Saturday December 24th. We will re-open Monday December 26th at 9am. Emergency contact numbers are posted on our office door and can be heard by calling our office toll fee 877-861-3992. Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Little Red Schoolhouse Relocation Information (12/07/16)

The plan to move the historic Little Red Schoolhouse from its current location to the area across from Town Hall is roughly expected to take place Wednesday December 7th. Residences and adjacent neighborhoods between the two areas will experience power and cable TV outages during transport of the building. The move begins at 7am with expected outages from the School grounds to Lackland Street from roughly 7am to noon and outages from Lackland Street to LeMoyne Ave from noon through the afternoon hours. TIMES AND LOCATIONS OF UTILITY DISRUPTION IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE.
In addition, traffic along Bienville Blvd will be re-routed at times to expedite the move and ensure safety. DIPD will be on hand to assist traffic flow, please drive carefully and be aware of both workers, officers and pedestrians near work zones.

Mobile Ship Channel - A Notice from the Mayor (11/23/16)

Town of Dauphin Island
1011 Bienville Blvd
Dauphin Island, AL 36528

November 23, 2016

Dear Dauphin Island Property Owners,

This is to provide you with a brief update regarding the ongoing Mobile Harbor Deepening and Widening General Reevaluation Report (GRR) Study by the Corps of Engineers and to respectfully request you take time to share your thoughts with the Corps regarding this important matter. This study will likely determine whether the proposed widening and deepening of the Mobile Ship Channel will receive authorization and it is essential that impacts to Dauphin Island be taken into consideration during this process.

For some time, those of us familiar with Dauphin Island have repeatedly raised concerns over the current dredging and disposal practices associated with the Mobile Harbor Channel. We feel strongly that alternative disposal locations in closer proximity to the island would directly benefit shoreline growth while creating a more sustainable barrier island for generations to come. This message has been shared with Corps representatives and numerous elected officials over the years and we remain hopeful an improved maintenance disposal practice can be put in place with either the existing channel and/or the proposed project currently being considered via the study.

As you know, the history surrounding the Mobile Ship Channel is a lengthy one. However, it is in the island's best interest that we continue to search for ways to support the regional economic benefits provided by the Port of Mobile while at the same time protecting our barrier island community. This could include re-establishing a Citizen Advisory Committee, addressing historical sand losses related to channel dredging and disposal practices, and increasing public awareness and participation through additional meetings/public hearings and more.

The Mobile Harbor GRR Study may offer the best (and maybe the last) chance to take meaningful action to stabilize and protect Dauphin Island long term. Please take a moment to share your thoughts and concerns with the Corps of Engineers as follows;

COL James A. DeLapp, District Commander
US Army Corps of Engineers, Mobile District
PO Box 2288
Mobile, AL 36628-0001

Feel free to incorporate some of my points as you develop your own letter. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and support.

Happy Thanksgiving,
Jeff Collier

Boardwalk Realty Thanksgiving Office Hours (11/22/16)

The Boardwalk Realty office will be closed Thanksgiving Day. We will re-open Friday. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

Little Red School House Soon to be Moved (11/18/16)

The building known in the town of Dauphin Island as the Little Red School House will soon get a new home and a new purpose. The historic building -- more than 80 years old -- will be moved to a new location near Town Hall, where it will serve as a multipurpose center. Click here to see the full story on FOX10TV.

Latest BP Restorations Include DI Acquisition (11/15/16)

Dauphin Island conservation acquisition, $3.5 million. The project includes the acquisition of about eight acres of remaining undeveloped beachfront on mid-Dauphin Island, and will include the construction of fencing and a dune walkover. Land is adjacent to Pirates Cove. Click here to read the full article in The Lagniappe.

3 People, 2 Dogs Rescued from Waters Near DI (10/12/16)

The Coast Guard rescued three men and two dogs from a sinking vessel near Dauphin Island, Wednesday, October 12. Click here for all the details from FOX 10TV.

Beautiful Bioluminescense in DI Surf (10/30/16)

Visitors to Dauphin Island near the end of October were treated to a beautiful glowing sight in the surf. Tiny phytoplankton, known as Noctiluca Scintillans, which roughly translates to night-shining sparkle- In the millions, they create bioluminescence. View the full article here at WKRG TV.

Alabama Power Turns Boilers Into Fishing Reef (9/22/16)

Alabama Power Company and the Marine Resources Division of the Alabama Dept of Conservation are working together to create a new fishing reef 25 miles south of Dauphin Island. Click here to view the full article at Alabama News Center.

1st Annual Massacre Island! (September 17 & 18, 2016)

In 1711 Pirates stormed Mobile Bay and attacked Dauphin Island, later dubbed "Massacre Island" by Pierre LeMoyne after the discovery of a huge pile of human skeletons. Come and see the Pirates as they pilfer, pillage and fight against Spanish & British Galleons. Witness Flintlock Pistol Duels, Pirate Tug-O-War, Swashbuckling Sword Play, cannon firings, Blacksmith demonstrations and period music by the Kracker Dan Band. Treasure hunt for kids 12 and under. Tickets are $8 age 13 & over, $4 age 5-12 and FREE for the little swashbucklers ages 4 and under. For more information visit fortgaines@outlook.com.

Dauphin Island FDA Marine Research Lab (9/15/16)

Did you know that the Food and Drug Administration's only marine research laboratory is located on Dauphin Island? Click here to learn about the valuable discoveries the scientists here on the Island are making while working with samples from all around the US and other countries.

DI Sea Lab Puts a Bounty on Asian Tiger Shrimp (9/15/16)

The Dauphin Island Sea Lab has put a bounty out for a new invasive species in the Gulf - the Asian Tiger Shrimp. To help the Sea Lab study the species, they are offering fishermen and shrimpers $30 per Asian Tiger Shrimp brought to the Sea Lab for study. Click here to learn more about the hunt for the Asian Tiger Shrimp.

Tri the Gulf - Dauphin Island's First Triathlon (October 15, 2016)

Read all about the plans for Dauphin Island's first triathlon to be held October 15th. The race will take racers into Gulf waters then biking the Dauphin Island Bridge and running the Isle Dauphine Golf Course, Island streets and the bicycle/jogging trail. Read all about it here at Al.com Expect traffic delays the morning of October 15th.

Labor Day Weekend Fireworks! (Sunday September 4, 2016)

The Town will be hosting a fireworks show on Sunday Sept 4th at 8:30pm. Fireworks will launch from the public beach located next to DI Elementary School.

1st Annual Massacre Island! (September 17 & 18, 2016)

In 1711 Pirates stormed Mobile Bay and attacked Dauphin Island, later dubbed "Massacre Island" by Pierre LeMoyne after the discovery of a huge pile of human skeletons. Come and see the Pirates as they pilfer, pillage and fight against Spanish & British Galleons. Witness Flintlock Pistol Duels, Pirate Tug-O-War, Swashbuckling Sword Play, cannon firings, Blacksmith demonstrations and period music by the Kracker Dan Band. Treasure hunt for kids 12 and under. Tickets are $8 age 13 & over, $4 age 5-12 and FREE for the little swashbucklers ages 4 and under. For more information visit fortgaines@outlook.com.

April 23rd Island Events (4/21/16)

Check out what's happening on the Island this Saturday April 23rd and come join the fun! For details view the WPMI Local 15 News story

2016 Sailboat Regatta (4/20/16)

Safety changes have been made to the 2016 Regatta after last year's tragedy. Click here to view the story from WKRG

Dauphin Island Boardwalk Realty News Image

Sign the Petition to Help Save Island Beaches (3/16/16)

State Representatives David Sessions, J.W. Williams, and Margie Wilcox of Mobile County and Steve McMillan of Baldwin County have co-sponsored House Bill (HB) 236 that, if passed, will "provide the procedure for depositing beach quality sand dredged from navigation projects in the coastal inlets of this state". The Town of Dauphin Island expresses its appreciation to these elected leaders and wholeheartedly supports this effort that could benefit our barrier island community by requiring sand dredged from the Mobile Ship Channel be deposited in closer proximity to the island. Please read the information below and make your voices heard in support of HB 236 as follows:

1. There is a public hearing scheduled for Wednesday, March 23, 2016 at 3:00 p.m. at the Alabama State House Building (Room 328) in Montgomery regarding HB236. Attendance at this hearing is encouraged.

2. If you are not able to attend, please send an e-mail to the following Committee Members in support of the attached Bill:

- Mark Tuggle, Chair (Coosa County - District 81)(R) tughd81@gmail.com
- Chris Pringle, Vice-Chair (Mobile County - District 101)(R) chrispringle@southerntimberlands.com
- Barbara Boyd, Ranking Minority Member (Calhoun County - District 32 (D) barbara.boyd@ahouse.gov
- Harry Shiver, Member (Baldwin and Monroe Counties - District 64)(R) harryshiver@aol.com

3. SIGN THE PETITION Click HERE to sign .It will be delivered to the Committee Members at the Public Hearing on March 23. Please send the link to others as well!

Help Our Island Beaches! (2/2/16)

A grass roots effort has prepared a proposed bill that would require sands dredged from the Mobile Harbor Outer Bar Channel to be placed closer to Dauphin Island to counter erosion. The bill also applies to all Alabama coastal inlets that have dredged navigation channels connecting to the Gulf. The proposed bill and related information can be examined by clicking this link

All four of our neighboring Gulf Coast States have enacted similar laws to protect their beaches from erosion caused by dredging channels through their coastal inlets. Only Alabama lacks such a law.

Efforts are ongoing to lobby State Representative David Sessions and State Senator Bill Hightower to sponsor and introduce the bill in the State Legislature. We are optimistic they will do so during the current session of the Legislature that began on February 2. It is important that EVERYONE tell these two gentlemen the bill is important to the State. To help you compose a letter of support, please click on the link above for a sample letter for your consideration. The letters should be sent to below addresses:

The Honorable Bill Hightower
Alabama State Senate, District 35
1 South Union St., Suite 733
Montgomery, AL 36130

The Honorable David Sessions
Representative House District 105
1 South Union St., Suite 417-1
Montgomery, AL 36130

Please send a letter of support for the bill to help protect Dauphin Island. A notebook is being prepared to document all support letters for this bill so they can be shared with State Legislators at future hearings on the bill. So that your letter can be included, please email a copy to: coffeegl@aol.com.

THANKS!!!!!!!!! And, please send your letters now!

Two Coast Guard Rescues Offshore of Dauphin Island (2/1/16)

Five people aboard a 36-foot recreational fishing vessel were rescued when their boat began to take on water, 47 miles south of Dauphin Island, read the full AL.com story here

Notice Corps Dredging Meeting (01/06/16)


The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Alabama State Port Authority have been working since 2009 to incrementally enlarge portions of the Mobile Harbor. Eventually the ship channel could be deepened an additional 10 feet and widened another 150 feet. To maintain a deeper and wider channel, larger volumes of sands will likely be dredged from the Outer Bar Channel east of Dauphin Island.

Where the Corps decides to place the dredged sands will further influence Dauphin Island's erosion problem and influence flooding difficulties along the entire southern shore of the island.

The Mobile District is required by Federal regulations to issue Public Notices to solicit public comments on Federal Civil Works projects.

You may see the notice at this link:
Public Scoping Meeting for the Preparation of a Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement to Evalauate Improvements to the Mobile Harbor Federal Navigation Channel, Mobile, Alabama

The meeting will be held January 12, 2016, at the Mobile Alabama Cruise Terminal, 201 S. Water Street, Mobile, Alabama 36602 from 5:00 to 8:00pm.

The purpose of the meeting is for the public to identify concerns and impacts associated with the channel enlargement project that should be addressed in the EIS. If you are unable to attend the meeting, the Public Notice also provides directions on how to mail your comments and concerns.

The DIPOA Board of Directors strongly urges you to take advantage of this opportunity to make your concerns known to the Corps by attending the January 12 meeting or mailing your comments.

BP Oil Spill Last Chance to Voice Your Opinion (11/12/15)

By now, it's no secret that many coastal residents aren't happy with the proposed settlement between BP, the federal government, and the five Gulf Coast states. They have until December 4th to make their thoughts known to the U.S. Department of Justice before the consent decree is finalized.
Click here to read the full al.com article by Cameron Smith.

Isle Dauphine Golf Memberships Available (9/21/15)

The Isle Dauphin Golf Course is open for business and Snowbird Memberships are now available. Snowbird memberships include unlimited Greens Fees good January - March 2016. Single membership $100/per month, Couple membership $150/per month with cart fee $10 for 9 holes and $15 for 18 holes. Call Dale Snellman to sign up today at 251-533-0398.

Dauphin Island Art Trail Saturday (10/10/15)

Come check out the Art Trail from 9 a.m. Saturday, Oct. 10, through 4 p.m., with artists hosted by 10 island businesses. "We'll have jewelry, pottery, photography, acrylics, wood art, fused glass, watercolors, yard art – you name it," Dena McKee, a local artist who is helping organize the Art Trail for the Dauphin Island Chamber of Commerce, said in a statement released by organizers. Click here to learn more

6 Fun Things to do this Weekend (3/6/15)

Here are the details on 6 fun activities taking place this weekend in Dauphin Island and Mobile Visit life size Dinosaurs, run the Sunset Bridge 5K, meet reen-actors at historic Ft Gaines and more.

Boardwalk Realty office closed on Fat Tuesday (2/17/15)

Our office will be closed on Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras Day, February 17 2015. We will re-open on Wednesday February 18 at 9am.

Mardi Gras and Music On Dauphin Island (1/13/15)

The 2015 Mardi Gras season starts rolling Saturday on Dauphin Island, and one local bar is sweetening the pot in the hope that visitors will decide to make a weekend of it. The Krewe de Dauphine Parade will roll at 1 .m. on Saturday, Jan. 17. In conjunction with that event, Fins Bar at 1600 Bienville Blvd. is ramping up its music schedule for the weekend, with a lineup that includes a local act that will be appearing at the 2015 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival.Click here to read more from AL.com

Mardi Gras 2015: Parade schedule, maps and more (1/8/15)

The Jan. 3 GoDaddy Bowl Parade marked the unofficial start of parade season on the Gulf Coast, but Mardi Gras 2015 officially gets in gear on Saturday, Jan. 17, when the Krewe de la Dauphine rolls at 1 p.m. on Dauphin Island. Click here to read the rest of this AL.com article

Selection Process for Oil Spill Recovery Funds (12/17/14)

Alabama recovery council to reveal selection process for oil spill restoration projects at meeting ...
A cross and beach grass stand in an area that once was open Gulf water at Dauphin Island, Ala., on Saturday, Oct. 25, 2014. Hurricane Katrina cut the ...

Oil Spill Recovery Projects (12/16/14)

National Wildlife Federation recommends 5 Alabama projects for oil spill restoration funding
Dauphin Island Parkway salt marsh habitat restoration -- This project would install 18,000 feet of segmented breakwater along Dauphin Island ...

Dauphin Island Sea Lab Brings Sea to Students (12/6/14)

Christmas at Fort Gaines (12/6/14)

Christmas Through the Ages
FOX10 News
Wanna see Christmas through the eyes of the past?? Well you can get your chance this Saturday at Fort Gaines in Dauphin Island. You can see every ...

Town Launches Website to Restore the Beaches (11/14/14)

A new website has been designed to raise awareness about the economic and ecological importance of Dauphin Island. The new site will also inform and update the public about the ongoing efforts to re-nourish the island’s shoreline. Visit RESTORE Dauphin Island to view this great new resource and sign the online petition supporting Dauphin Island beaches.

Sand Gathers Along Katrina Cut (11/11/14)

For the first time since Hurricane Katrina, sand runs the full 14 mile length of Dauphin Island.

The Little Red Schoolhouse (11/11/14)

Plans to save Little Red Schoolhouse building before new school construction begins in 2015

Ferry Dock Project (10/29/14)

State to make improvements to ferry dock on Dauphin Island
Starting next week the Alabama Department of Transportation will begin construction for a new ferry dock and improvements around the ferry boarding area on Dauphin Island. Click the link for more info from Gulf Coast News Today.

Dauphin Island Boardwalk Realty News Image