Dauphin Island Fire and Rescue
1020 Chaumont Ave - PO Box 1596
Dauphin Island, AL 36528

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        In the unlikely event of a hazardous material spill or accident you will be notified via the EAS (Emergency Alert System).  If you hear the siren (other than the test on the first Wednesday of the month at 9am) you should do the following:

       Go indoors and turn on the TV or radio.  Follow the directions given by your local radio and TV stations during the emergency. These stations are part of the Emergency Alert System (EAS) and work closely with local authorities to broadcast information you will need to know.

       DO NOT PANIC! It may be a test.

       If you are advised to shelter in place. Bring in your pets. Close all windows. Shut off the AC or Heater. Close fire place damper. Go to a room with as few windows as possible. Monitor local radio and TV for further information.

       Do not use the phone. You may be contacted with additional information.

       If told to protect your breathing: Place a damp cloth or towel over your mouth and nose.

        When you are told it is safe to go outside: GO OUT. Air out your house and check on your neighbors.

More information can be found at www.mcema.net


The mission of Dauphin Island Fire and Rescue is to identify and respond to the community and deliver an effective and efficient system of services which minimize risk of life, health, and property from fire, trauma, acute illness and hazardous conditions.

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