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As you may know when you dial 911 on Dauphin Island a special group of mobilize to protect our citizens from fires, medical emergencies and other hazardous conditions. The reason they are special is because of how they are paid. THEY ARE NOT. Yes every member of Dauphin Island Fire and Rescue is a VOLUNTEER. They do it because they care about our community and have dedicated themselves to taking an active roll.

We are always looking for new members to perform many different functions. Are primary need are firefighters and EMTs (emergency medical technicians). Of course not everybody wants to deal with “blood and guts” or want to “eat smoke”. WE CAN STILL USE YOU.

We need people to perform vital support functions like

Helping teach school children fire safety,  vehicle maintenance,   help at fire scenes by bring water, handing tools, etc ,  Make phone calls reminding peoples of meetings, Assist with developing pre-plans of some of our “target hazards, develop new ideas, and organize department social activities. DIFR will pay for all of your training and equipment.

For more information please contact us.

Brad Cox, Fire Chief

Jessica Irving, EMS Chief


Download a Membership Application here.


The mission of Dauphin Island Fire and Rescue is to identify and respond to the community and deliver an effective and efficient system of services which minimize risk of life, health, and property from fire, trauma, acute illness and hazardous conditions.

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