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Treating Jellyfish Stings
Info About Fishing Licenses
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The reason I know this is I was swimming at the Isle Dauphine many moons ago my dearest 3-year-old son said, "What's this Daddy? Well he had just picked up a jellyfish. His face turned from curious to pain. No big deal. Yes there was some crying but follow the tips below and you will be back in the water in no time.

As the summer waters of the Gulf of Mexico warm up beach goers may begin to see and increase in the number of jellyfish. There is no need to panic, cancel vacations or not swim. 

Here are some tips to treating jellyfish stings common to the area.

  1. Get out of the water and wash affected area off with sea/saltwater if possible. Freshwater will actually exacerbate the stinging process. If a tentacle is still attached (rare) remove it with something other than bare skin (towel, glove, water pressure, etc). You will notice some redness and sometimes some local hives.
  2. Apply a paste of water and UNSEASONED meat tenderizer. Leave the paste on for 15-20 minutes or until the pain from the sting subsides. Note: there are other remedies in treating these stings but this is what our local Fire Department uses. There are some commercially sold preparations sold at Ship and Shore.
  3. Some people may feel the need to apply Benadryl  cream or tablets due to some welt/hives that may remain. That is something we occasionally do.
  4. If there are any signs of an allergic reaction - CALL 911 immediately. Signs of an allergic reaction include wheezing, swelling in the throat and mouth, nausea, weakness and hives spread beyond the affected area.
Mild Case
notice the redness and mild swelling after the jellyfish sting.
Moderate to Severe Case


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