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Does A Stingray Really Sting?

First I want to clearly state that stingrays are not an aggressive species. Contact with a stingray usually occurs when people catch a stingray while fishing or step on one that has washed up on shore.  I know I sometimes cause alarm when I write these times of article. My goal is to educate on things not readily known by the public at large. 

Do stingrays have a sting? Not really. What they do have is a sharp, almost “medieval” dagger stinking out from their tale. The sticker is primarily a defensive weapon.

There are two main dangers when coming in contact with a ray.

  • Soft tissue injuries cause when sticker is withdrawn from the wound.
  • Infection from the “funk” that lives everyday on the ray’s tail.

What should you do if a stingray injures you?

  • Do not panic. Get out of the water and hobble over to a beach blanket or back to the house.
  • Place your foot in a pot of water that is as hot as you can stand. This should ease the pain and occasional local muscle spasms associated with this injury.
  • Contact your doctor for follow up antibiotics and immunizations.

How can you protect your self?

  • Wear an old shoe or aqua sock type of footwear.
  • Watch where you walk.
  • If you hook one while fishing and you do not know what to do, cut bait and let it go.



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