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FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there an age limit to rent a property? 

Boardwalk Realty is proud to maintain a family atmosphere for the quiet enjoyment of our guests and neighbors. Rental properties are intended for occupancy by family groups and responsible adults only. The leaseholder (Guest) must be a responsible adult aged 25 or older to register and must be present during the entire stay. The Guest is solely responsible for all occupants. Guest and occupants must furnish valid ID with proof of age upon request. Reservations made under false pretenses are subject to eviction and loss of rent.  

Can we have our wedding or other social gatherings at one of your rentals?  

No. Boardwalk Realty does not allow weddings, receptions, sororities, fraternities, graduation parties, school or civic group gatherings or house parties of any kind. Properties are limited to the occupancy limit shown, which includes any visitors of the Guest and applies to the exterior property and the interior. Occupancy is strictly monitored. Violations of the above are grounds for immediate eviction and loss of rent.  

What time is check-in? 

Check-in time is staggered based on the size of your rental. 

  • If your rental is four bedrooms or less, check-in begins at 3:00 pm CST. If your rental is five bedrooms or larger, check-in starts at 4:00 pm CST. Why? Larger homes take a little longer to prepare for your arrival.  
  • Please arrive after the scheduled check-in time, as we cannot guarantee early check-in. While we will do our best to avoid any delay, we reserve the right to delay check-in due to unforeseeable maintenance needs.  
  • The adult, age 25 years or older, who made the reservation must check in at the Boardwalk Realty office. A valid Driver’s License with proof of age is required. 

What time is check-out?

Check-out is by 9:30 am CST. 

  • Guests will return rental property keys (2 sets) to the Boardwalk Realty office at departure. Place rental keys (2 sets) into the key return slot to the right of our office door for guests planning to get an early start. 
  • Lost keys will result in a $50 lost key charge for each lost key. 

What does the rental property include? 

  • Your rental property is equipped with bed linens and bath towels; however, these linens and towels are for indoor use only. It is your responsibility to provide beach towels for outdoor use.  
  • A starter supply of paper products and soaps which includes: one roll of toilet tissue per bathroom, one roll of paper towels, a 3oz bottle of Palmolive dish soap, one wrapped dish sponge, two dishwasher tablets, one use container of laundry detergent, each trash can will have a liner, and a travel size soap and shampoo is provided for each bath. For sanitary reasons, perishable items are disposed of between guests; therefore, you should be prepared to provide basic spices and condiments.
  • All properties have full kitchens, including standard appliances, a microwave, dishwasher, coffee maker, essential cookware, dishes, and glasses. Check your unit description for a list of additional amenities. 
  • All properties have internet. Internet providers vary, as do speed, signal strength, and consistency. If internet usage is crucial for work or school during your stay, consider bringing a backup hot spot. No refunds or adjustments will be made for internet speed, strength or service interruptions. 
  • A list of amenities is available on each unit’s listing page. 

What should we bring?

Below is a list of items you may wish to pack or plan to pick up on arrival:

  • Paper products: Additional supply of trash bags, paper towels, and toilet tissue. Guests may also wish to pick up coffee filters, aluminum foil, saran wrap, zip-lock bags, paper plates, disposable cups, and napkins. 
  • Soaps: Laundry detergent, dish detergents, personal soaps, and shampoos. 
  • Grocery and pantry items: Perishables, spices, condiments, and coffee products. Grocery delivery is available through Dauphin Island Hospitality or Flipperz Hospitality Hub. These services require reservations; please contact them in advance to reserve your delivery date.
  • Beach items: Beach towels, portable beach chairs, SUNSCREEN, after-sun care products, sunglasses (polarized lenses aid in fishing visibility), and beach toys. 
  • Fishing: Rod and reel, tackle, ice chest, zip lock bags. Tackle and bait are available at Ship and Shore and Jemison’s Bait and Tackle. 
  • Children’s items: Child-safe sunscreen, life jacket/floatation aid, sand toys, sandals/water shoes to protect little feet from the hot sand, and swim diapers are required in all pools.     
  • Prescription medications. 
  • Pet supplies for pet-friendly rentals: Pet leash, food/water dish, a travel crate if the pet will be left unaccompanied for any length of time, pet blanket/cover sheet to prevent pet hair on furnishings, and pet toys. A pet life jacket for pups who love the water but are not strong swimmers may also be helpful. Please ensure your pets are on a flea and tick preventative and their vaccines are current before travel.     

What should we NOT bring? 

  • Firearms, fireworks and ATVs are not allowed.  
  • Four-wheeling is illegal in any beach area.  
  • Golf carts are prohibited on Island roadways unless licensed and considered road safe. Please get in touch with Dauphin Island Police Department for specific requirements. Road-approved Golf Carts are available for rental through Island Fun Rentals and Island Time Rentals.  
  • Motorhomes and RVs only fit in a few Island driveways. They are not allowed in Condominium parking areas or homes in the Audubon Place or DeSoto Landing neighborhoods. No motor home may be plugged in or occupied while parked at any Boardwalk property. If arriving via motor home, please check with our office before booking so we can assist you in choosing a property where you may park a motor home. 
  • Parking of Boat Trailers is prohibited at properties in the DeSoto Landing community. 

Are there lifeguards on the beach?  

No. Lifeguards do not monitor Dauphin Island beaches.  

  • Please be Rip Current Aware during your stay. Waves bring water toward the shore and rip currents are the powerful currents moving away from the beach back to open water. These currents can carry even the strongest swimmer out to sea. Educate yourself and your family about recognizing rip currents and what to do if caught in one.  
  • Visit NOAA’s Rip Current Safety for Kids website for child-friendly information and videos. Additional rip current information is available at National Weather Service Rip Current Safety. Check out the National Weather Service Surf Forecast.  
  • Set your smartphone weather app to alert you to Rip Current warnings or other weather hazards during your stay. Set your location to Dauphin Island and turn alerts “on.”  
  • Learn the Flags

Are bonfires allowed on the beach?

No. For your safety and the safety of others, bonfires, campfires and fireworks are not allowed on the beach or at any Boardwalk Realty property. 

Can we rent a golf cart?

Yes. Golf carts are available for rental from Island Time Rentals and Island Fun Rentals. 

Can we rent beach equipment like lounge chairs and umbrellas?

Yes. Beach rental equipment is available from Chaise N Rays and The Pelican Nest. 

Can we rent a baby crib or other baby gear during our stay?

Yes. Check out Flipperz Hospitality Hub for baby equipment options from BabyQuip. 

What is the difference in Island locations?

To aid in choosing the perfect rental property for your stay, it helps to understand the layout of the Island. Dauphin Island is roughly 3 miles off the mainland and is reached from the north by Hwy 193 via the Dauphin Island Bridge. An automobile ferry runs from the Island’s Eastern end to Hwy 180, which leads to Fort Morgan and Gulf Shores, Alabama. The inhabited area of the Island is around 7 miles long and 1.75 miles wide along the Eastern end and narrows significantly at the Western end. An additional 7 miles of the west end is an uninhabited nature preserve. 

The Island is divided lengthwise by Bienville Blvd, which runs from the length of the Island. With a few exceptions, the streets on the Island are in alphabetical order, with side streets on the East end starting with the letter A (Albright), moving towards the West ending in W (Westward Ho). The most notable exceptions to this rule are the west-end streets of Bridgeview Drive (located off of Sehoy Court) and Island Shores Drive (located off St. Stephens Court). Boardwalk Realty uses the following terms to help describe the location of each rental property:

  • Gulf Beachfront – rental properties are located directly on the beach of the Gulf of Mexico and are south of Bienville Blvd. There are no homes in between a Gulf Beachfront home and the water. The rental property can be situated anywhere from 100 feet from the water’s edge to touching the water’s edge. Surf conditions, tides, and weather patterns can affect the width of the beach at any waterfront location on the Island, and distances to the water’s edge are subject to change.
  • Gulf Beachside – rental properties are located on the beachside south of Bienville Boulevard. A Beachside rental property can be as little as 100 feet from the beach but up to 800 feet from the beach. Beachside rental properties will have other homes or lots located between the rental property and the water. Beachside renters can access the Gulf Beachfront from approved Town easements.
  • Bayfront/Soundfront – rental properties are located on the Island’s North shore along the Mississippi Sound/Mobile Bay. The waters along Bayfront beaches are usually calmer and more shallow than the Gulf beach. Many will have yards with sea oats, natural coastal grasses, and a narrow beach or a seawall. Bayfront renters can access the Gulf Beachfront from approved Town easements.
  • Bayside/Soundside – rental properties are non-waterfront and are located on the north side of Bienville Boulevard. Bayside renters can also access the Gulf Beachfront from approved Town easements and often have views of the Mississippi Sound/Bay and the Gulf.
  • Waterfront with Boat Dock, Seawall, or Canal – rental properties are located on the Bayfront, Mississippi Sound, or Canal. They may have a seawall and/or boat dock. The property’s description will include additional details specific to the location. Renters can also access the Gulf Beachfront from approved Town easements.

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